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Stadswerven, Dordrecht

Appartment block, Dordrecht NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Velina Iantcheva

At the intersection of the Beneden-Merwede, Noord and the Oude Maas, the new Dordrecht district Stadswerven is being created. An inner-city area with space for living, activity, culture and relaxation. Living on the water with the city within reach. City yards consists of two sub-areas. Stadswerven-Noord is the peninsula north of the Wantij. Stadswerven-Zuid is the area south of the Wantij between Biesboschstraat, Noordendijk and Oranjelaan. At the top, a residential building with 40 apartments in the luxury segment will be built, while the plinth will contain residential and workhouses and catering facilities.


Around the building are two striking objects that have a major influence on the shape of the building. On the east side is an old crane track that is being converted into a restaurant. The crane track is located between the head and the rear building and is largely hidden from view with the original building envelope. The Prins Claus Bridge will be built on the south side. The landfall of the bridge curves and comes very close to the building volume at the location of the residential building. Both objects determined the morphology of the final residential building. At the landing of the bridge, the building dents in, creating more space for cyclists and pedestrians. The building envelope has not been built upon the north side, but a recess has been left at the location of the crane track so that the crane track remains more visible. The design of an apartment building with a parking garage starts at the parking garage. Because of the costs, it must be classified as efficiently as possible. The rest of the design was conceived from the construction of the parking garage. We have assumed a concrete construction with a grid size of 5.4 m that protrudes upwards. The storage rooms are located on ground level. They are located in the middle of the building volume and are flanked by workspaces located on the facades. There is a catering function at the top. The apartments are located on top of the workspaces, on the first floor, which can be reached via a staircase. As you go upstairs, the apartments get bigger and bigger. The roof is stepped and has large roof gardens that are connected to the most luxurious apartments.

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