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Woondome, Almere

Woondome, Almere NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk , Victor Mantiniuc, Tom Gentenaar, Sander Paljak, Pedro Costa,  Design: 2018-2020

The design of the Woondome residential complex in Almere was based on the existing urban planning conditions. The building plot is located east of the Polderdreef, right next to the bend that leads the Doemere lane to the station. On the southwest side of the plot is a six-storey residential block with the gallery on the north side. On the southeast side, there is a bare parking lot, with the train rails behind it. The north side is closed with a low commercial building, a housing store and a fitness centre. At this time, the abandoned building of the furniture shop Woondome, an anonymous solitary building, separate from its surrounding ones, is located on the plot. Since the future urban design principles will remain the same, it is logical to create a stand-alone building, with its own design and architecture. A residential function will provide the building with a distinct identity and reinforce its integration into the general character of the area. The building volume on the southwest side could be in accordance with the existing environment, but the north side could be increased to create a higher density towards the station.


A few important principles were taken into account during the design process. Firstly, a prominent location requires a special building. The project is located on the bend of the main access road to the centre of Almere Buiten and will determine the appearance of the entire area. Since we are dealing with a large volume, it was important to create a differentiated housing program that could be incorporated into one coherent design. In addition, urban integration on the railway side is important, so that the connection between the building and the landscape is seamless. As regards the technical design, we have chosen the parking grid as a starting point for structuring the building. The structural walls have been set up in accordance to that grid, in order to achieve the most efficient configuration. The new building volume is an almost closed building block that is obliquely cut off at the top so that sunlight can penetrate deep into the inner garden. The altitude on the southwest side is in accordance with the surrounding environment, while the north side rises slightly, to create a more urban volume. The access to the apartments is realised via corridors on the inside of the block, that are connected to each other through walkways. The floors have been shifted slightly, relatively to each other, in order to enlarge the atrium and provide sunlight for the lower floors. On the gradually rising roof, there are roof gardens that give the building a green and sustainable appearance.

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