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Weerwind Bridge, Almere

Weerwind Bridge, Almere NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk ,  Jan Marx, Sara Gonçalves, Kristina Savova, Vittoria Marino,  Design: 2018

A bridge is defined as the traffic connection between two points that are separated, for example, a river or canal. The Weerwaterbrug is a 468-meter long connection, ensuring that the new Floriadewijk has a shorter route to the city and that the Rondje Weerwater is shortened to 5 km, a route that can be walked in approximately an hour. This makes the bridge more of a walking/cycling route than a primary traffic connection, where the main goal is to provide a memorable experience to the stroller, by capitalizing on the surrounding views and rural atmosphere.

The width of the bridge is more or less determined by the bicycle route standards. The aim is to design a horizontal-axis oriented, and elegant structure. In order to make the deck as slender as possible and to prevent the supporting pylons from adding too many vertical elements, we chose to have the deck supported by more than 100 mikado bars that are placed randomly. This design gives us the opportunity to create a meandering course in a stylized form, that is reminiscent of the contours of the Flevoland coastline.

The bridge is made of recycled materials. For the pylons, tubular posts made from old recycled steel stamps are used. The concrete deck is made out of concrete granulate from demolished buildings in Almere. The balusters are made from scrap reinforcement steel and the handrail is made out of recycled plastic. To make the concrete granulate visible, the concrete edge of the bridge has been chiselled.

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