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AJAX The Future, Amsterdam

Sport facility building for the youth training school, Amsterdam NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Client: A.F.C. Ajax Amsterdam, Start of design: 1995, Completion: 1995-1996, Area: 3.705 m², Volume: 8.500 m³, Building costs: €5.500.000

''De Toekomst'' (meaning ''The Future'') is the training school of the Ajax soccer club. Ajax is one of the biggest football clubs in Europe with an efficient academy infrastructure and a reputable training school. The design project consists of a sports and administration complex as well as two canopies with seating for the spectators. The project location is very close to Amsterdam Arena, adjacent to the A1 motorway.

Placed in the center of the new complex, are the dressing rooms, the base of the youth accommodation in '' De Toekomst''. The administration offices, six meeting rooms and a loggia are placed on top of them. In the immediate vicinity, a canteen and a sports hall are located, adding the finishing touch to the complex. The sports hall is a core element for the perception of the building. It is the starting point of the different shed roofs that lie upon each other. Northern light shines through the windows, placed in between the roofs, The windows at the end of the canteen, provide the visitors with an unimpeded view of the field.

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