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Suyderseeboulevard, Lelystad

Apartments, Lelystad NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Wiola Gaura Client: Le Clercq Planontwikkeling, 24 woningen en 15 appartementen design: 2016-2019, Area: 4500m²

The project tackles the third phase of a housing unit development project, located at Suyderseeboulevard, on the Lelystad waterfront. Phases 1 and 2 of the construction plan have already been implemented. Since the existing buildings are made out of brick, they have an already distinct character and it was decided to maintain their core architectural elements. By dividing the 39 residential units into 15 apartments and 24 ground-level homes, we manage to provide the same ratio of living spaces as the previous two phases.

The concept uses the same living module, in order to create different types of living amenities. In the houses overlooking the nearby square, the modules are relatively shifted in relation to each other. In the northern ''country'' houses, they are mirrored in pairs, and in the eastern ''country'' houses they are placed in one row, in succession. A tower block is also designed, tilting forward. This is made possible by slightly cantilevering the modules on every floor. There is a 3-meter difference between the height of the west and east side of Suyderseeboulevard. As a result, the ''country'' houses on the north side are three to four-storey high. The upper floors remain on the same height, but the height of the ground floor extends, creating special loft apartments. On the eastern side, the floor among the new and the existing buildings is lowered, so that a connection between the two is possible. An analogy in height with the nearby Batavia Haven building blocks is not sought after. The buildings on the waterside are way too high, creating visually rough boundaries on the land plots. That is why we designed the new housing development blocks as single units, in order to offer a counterbalance to the bombastic blocks of Batavia Haven.

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