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Sports Facilities, Leiden

Sportcenter, Leiden NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Kersten Scheller, Peter Hagelaar, Wulf Oschwald, Javier Paz Taibo, Client: Municipality of Leiden, Start of design:2009, Completion: 2012, Area: 1.590 m², Volume: 5.030m³, Building costs: € 1.677.500

The municipality of Leiden wished to replace the old sports facilities on the Boshuizerkade with a new complex that would house two football clubs and their youth teams, as well as a store by the Leiden Sports Company, while at the same time keeping the two functions separate. The position and imprint of the pavilions were predetermined by Buro Sant and Co, who were responsible for the urban design.

Due to the wide variety of users, it was important to find a balance between the functions of the two pavilions. The first pavilion is occupied by the football clubs. The changing rooms are located on the ground floor in order to facilitate access to the football field, while the canteen and office spaces are placed on the first floor. Boasting a long glass facade, the canteen is oriented towards the playing field. On the other side of the canteen is another glass facade which enables visual communication between the pavilion and the surrounding neighbourhood. That communication is stressed even more in the second building, with the long glass facade running across the street. At the ground level, the amenities are shared between the pavilions.

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