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Spikvoorde II, Deventer

School, Apartments, Deventer NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Kersten Scheller, Client: Landstad Projecten C.V, Developer: Le Clercq Planontwikkeling b.v., Start of design: 2003-2004, Completion: 2006-2007, Area: 2.060 m², Volume: 5.837 m³, Building costs: €2.409.000

Spikvoorde is a part of ''De Vijfhoek'' (The Pentagon), a new neighbourhood in the city of Deventer in The Netherlands. The project is situated in a prominent location in this area, at a T-junction, which offers a view to all directions. The distinct location calls for a vertical beacon, that acts as a reference point within the neighbourhood. Therefore, the building has been split into segments that accentuate this vertical effect, which becomes more apparent when reflected in the water and seen from the entranceway. The segments are horizontally split to create balance in the facade.

The first segment is aligned with the entrance road. This volume is repeated twice by rotation. The complete configuration creates a curve along the road that runs next to the water, constructing a complex system visually, but structurally highly repetitive.

The north side is different, as the building is partially underground, following the adjoining road. Here, a primary school occupies the first three floors of the building. Next to the entrance is a raised playground that serves as a visual barrier, in order to hide the school offices.

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