The Woondome residential complex is located on the bend of the main access road to the center of Almere Buiten. At this time, the abandoned building of the furniture shop Woondome, an anonymous solitary volume, separate from its surrounding ones, is located on plot. The newly designed building volume, is an almost enclosed building block that is obliquely cut off at the top, so that sunlight can penetrate deep into its inner garden.


Residential project in Leidsche Rijn. Cooperation between the office, two contractors and a developer, for a building plot of 1200 apartments.


The Suyderseeboulevard project is located next to Bataviahaven, in Lelystad. The plan includes 24 different types of single-family homes and 15 apartments.


This 11-storey residential tower constists of 55 apartments, with surfaces ranging from 64 m² to 126 m². Since the tower is the last of a series of similar structures, and is visible on all sides, the desire was to construct a multifaceted, striking building with a sculptural form. In the triangular plot of 3000 m², only 450 m² could be built, due to the required distance from the plot boundaries and a pressure pipe running across the plot. In order to fit the desired 55 apartments, a tower has been designed with a small ground floor plot, that opens onwards.

BLOCK 16 / THE WAVE, Stadshart Almere

Block 16 is part of OMA's master plan for the new prestigious city center of Almere. The organic, fluid block responds to two existing conditions: the bulging end marks the port entrance, serving as a landmark, while on the other side, the shape is flattened and the volume fits in with the orthogonal structure of the adjacent glass residential towers.


Spikvoorde is part of De Vijfhoek, a suburb of Deventer. The location of the project is at a striking point in this area, where the access road to the neighborhood ends at a T-junction. The plot is visible from all directions and requires a vertical landmark. In order to accomplish this, the building itself is divided into segments, creating a spinning vertical structure.


Spikvoorde is part of De Vijfhoek, a suburb of Deventer. René van Zuuk was asked to craft two striking designs for the area. Although the two projects (Spikvoorde I and II) differ in function, volume, and program of requirements, the two buildings have a joint architectural structure and design language.



In a time where budgets are tight, an architect must come up with smart ways to realize a special project. The Hangar House pushes the boundaries between affordable and creative by crafting a unique detached villa within a small budget.

PSYCHE, Almere

De Fantasie is a residential area in Almere that was established through a competition organized by Stichting De Fantasie, with the theme "Unusual Living". Designers could let their imagination run free, because they were not bound by laws and conventions. The designs were intended for a lifespan of five years, so the rules of 'permanent residence' were not applicable.


Of all the locations in the Filmwijk-Zuid area, the Van Diepen family's house plot is the most challenging. Unlike most other plots, situated on the water or at the privacy of a closed street side, it is located on a roundabout. To give the residents of this complicated land slice the necessary privacy, and to protect against the rotating car headlights, the house is designed like a barricaded volume. The design won the Almere architecture prize in 1999.

BOSRIJK, Eindhoven

In the Bosrijk project, the plan was to develop two types of houses: terraced houses and detached houses. The central concept of the project was the idea of forest dwelling. So the scenario was to create shared spaces between the houses, that act as a communal garden. Each house has its own private terrace or garden, while the space around it can be considered as a shared garden.


Heiloo is a small municipality right next to Alkmaar. The living environment of Heiloo is characterized by a lot of green space and  traditional architecture. Within this context, an assignment was issued in 2006 for the redesign of an existing villa. 

GRACHTENPAND, Javaeiland, Amsterdam

In 1994 we were invited by Sjoerd Soeters to design a canal house on Java Island in Amsterdam. Four buildings, in four different streets with four neighbors.