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Control Builing , Oostersluis

Control building for lock, Groningen NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk ,Client: County of Groningen, Start of design: 1995, Completion: 1995-1996, Area: 228 m², Volume: 674 m³, Building costs: €350.000

The Oosterluis Control Building is located on the Van Starkenborg Canal in Groningen. It houses the operation facilities for six bridges and lock gates. The structure has an expressive character, highlighted by the use of the materials. The unusual shapes of the zinc-coated hood are detailed down to the level of the plate-attaching seams. The shape seems to stem from a complete freedom in design, but that could not be further from the truth. The form stems from the building's requirements, in which both technical and functional aspects were taken into consideration. The distance between the control room and the quay is set to 1.5 meters, resulting in a 4 meter cantilever. The windows on the second floor boast a 20-degree angle. The back of the building needed to have a more rounded shape so that screens monitoring the canal could be installed. The control room is located on the second floor, neighbored by the staff's working spaces.

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