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Nova Zembla Pavilion, IJmuiden aan Zee

Nova Zembla, IJmuiden NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk , Athina Athiana, Wiola Gaura, Design: 2016

On the 11th of May 2017, the council of the Velsen municipality approved the further development of IJmuiden aan Zee, a coastal town where residents and visitors can enjoy nature, the sea, and discover the raw beauty of Ijmuiden. Part of this new development is also the Nova Zembla pavilion. The pavilion serves as a place for meetings, activities, and team building programs for companies, organized by the PBN Sports & Adventure company.

A variety of activities are available around the pavilion, such as blokarts, disc golf, surfing, rafting, beach games, dragonboat tours, and of course the ultimate challenge of the 22-meter high Teamtower. Furthermore, the nearby pavilion at Kennemermeer, is a wonderful place for meetings and brainstorming. However, the current Nova Zembla pavilion no longer meets the community demands and will be replaced by a new contemporary building that fits the new development plan.

It was decided to design a pavilion with minimum interior space since most of the activities take place outside. In case of bad weather conditions, it is also possible to use a space covered with a large roof overlay. The interior includes a large canteen and shared sleeping areas, which provide sufficient comfort, despite the minimal amount of space.

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