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Limburgsebrug, Almere

Limburgse Brug, Almere NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Tom Gentenaar, Victor Martiniuc,  Design: 2019-2020

Limburgsebrug is located in the De Fantasie neighbourhood of Almere, that boasts housing of great architectural interest. It would therefore be fitting to turn the bridge into a spectacle as well. Limbursebrug is a light traffic bridge, designed to serve cyclists and pedestrians. The major requirement of the tender was to incorporate the Weerwater lakeside trail logo in the bridge design. Since placing the logo by itself would be too distracting and therefore a poor design decision, we opted for a subtle solution. A solution that would constitute the logo a crucial part of the design, without it overshadowing the whole bridge form. Thus, it was decided to fabricate a railing, on which the logo would be perforated multiple times. The perforation though is not random but is rather following a tesselation. This gesture, adds a strong design principle to the whole bridge concept and simultaneously forms a dense pattern grid. The railing is made out of corten steel, a material which will rust with time, acquiring earthly tones. This natural appearance will aid the bridge to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, the canal, the trees, and the Weerwater lake.

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