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Larenseweg, Hilversum

Larenseweg, Hilversum NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk , Victor Mantiniuc, Denis Lazurka, Karolina Ornowska, Client: Eliza vastgoed, Design: 2020

The redevelopment of the Larenseweg lots 123 and 125 would form the basis of opening-up and revitalizing the area while keeping its industrial character. One of the main requirements of the design was preserving the monument - Wybertjies, with its distinctive brick architecture and making a new insertion that would blend within the existing urban fabric, having the highest possible architectural quality. There are two distinct buildings on the plots: the monument - once a factory building, which dates back to 1920 and an office building. The area is going to host multiple functions, fusing office spaces, houses and apartments.

As the feasibility of the project is dependent on the number of squared meters, maximizing the surface area - served as one of the starting points of the design. The urban development had to emphasize the qualities of the old factory - Wybertjies while preserving its character. After several iterations with volumes on the plot, we concluded that the perpendicular block, equally distanced from the neighbouring buildings, divided the plot and the surrounding area was experienced as residual space, while creating multiple volumes made the space interesting, but did not necessarily meet all the requirements. By deforming the straight block into an S-shaped block, aligning the back of it to the school on the neighbouring plot and moving the front as close as possible to the monument, our solution combined the advantages of both versions. In this way, we get two full-fledged urban spaces, a beautiful garden on the north side, with the entrance to the parking garage and a semi-public square on the south side with the entrance of the houses. The new building folds around the monument and thereby gives the monument a special position. The interior space can be used for all kinds of social activities.

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