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Icebar, Almere

Water sculpture, Ice cream shop, Almere NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Ciaran Conlon, Michel Parubaj, Peter Hagelaar, Client: Municipality of Almere, Design 2009, Area: 90 m², Volume: 460 m³

The project was part of a larger scheme to renovate the Grote Markt square, aiming to allow restaurants to have outdoor seating so that the area is transformed into a lively public space. The goal of the design process was to create a water sculpture in the sparsely populated part of Grote Markt, the nightlife centre of the city of Almere.

The concept behind the project was that the pavilion should look like an object formed by flowing water. The peak of the sculpture marks the entrance to the underground ice bar. During the summer, the space will be used as an ice cream parlour, while during winter, it will serve as an ice bar, adding variety and dynamism to the square functions.

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