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Highrise Residential Tower, Leidsche Rijn

Hoogbouwkavel, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Marjo Korner, Sara Gonçalves, Kristina Savova, Jan Marx, Pedro Costa, Design: 2018

The Hoogbouwkavel assignment consists of two challenges. The excessive noise load from the A2 highway, the railways, and the city on the one hand, and the large amount of energy that must be generated to power the complex(15000 m² of PV cells or equivalent) on the other. Since PV cells on the roofs provide three times as much energy compared to the facade, it is logical to solve the energy requirements on a horizontal axis. The noise load from the surroundings must be resolved within the homes. A crucial part of the design process is the requirement that 30% of the living spaces must lie on a low-noise facade. The design challenge can be approached with two options. The first one would be to distort the floor plans in such a way that at least one living space is on a low-noise facade, and make sure that the other living spaces can ventilate through an intermediate space. The second one would be to distort the building in such a way that every living space acquires a piece of the noise-free facade, while the largest living space has the possibility of a terrace on the noise-free side.

Within the design process, we explored both options. The municipality suggested the first option, combined with a low-noise atrium in which the balconies are located. However, this possibility led to many problems as regards the fire spread, as well as the determination of the atrium size, in order for it to meet the requirements.

In the end, the second option was selected. The shape of the building was twisted in such a way that every living space has at least one low-noise facade.

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