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Hangar House

Villa, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Kersten Scheller, Dirk de Groot, Design: 2013, Floor Area: 135 m², Volume: 440 m³

In a time where budgets are tight, an architect must find clever ways to realize a special project. The Hangar House pushes the boundaries between affordable and exquisite, in order to design a unique villa within a small budget.

The main element in the Hangar House is the parabolic roof. It gives the house its luxurious appearance but is also a smart solution to tackle the problem of expensive facades. The ground floor provides space for three bedrooms and a bathroom and is granted more privacy by using narrow windows, spanning the whole height of the floor. The living room, kitchen and dining room are situated on the first floor. The curved roof broadens the interior and grants the feeling of a loft apartment. Moreover, the windows offer a spectacular panorama of the surrounding area.

The simplistic construction and materials make it possible to stay within a small budget, but also to develop an unusual architecture. The house is given a modern look through the use of steel roof sheets, in combination with glass and wood.

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