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Flucht, Vertreibung und Versohnung Museum

Selected competition, Project Team: René van Zuuk, René van Zuuk, Kersten Scheller, Peter Hagelaar, Jasper van
Oosterhout, Geert Folmer en Kristel Hermans, Design: 2011, Floor Area: 11.250 m², Volume: 65.000 m³

The First and Second World War resulted in many casualties. What is relatively unknown is that there were also many Germans among the victims. A seventh part of Germany had to be ceded to other countries after the First World War. The Germans were suddenly in the minority in those areas and suffered greatly. This led to an initial flow of refugees to areas that still belonged to Germany. After the Second World War, some surrounding countries sought retribution for the suffering they had suffered, the atrocities that were committed against the Germans, causing many people to flee again and to lose their Heimat and belongings. In the places where they ended up they were seen as strangers, they lived in poverty and insecurity. The fact that their suffering is not recognized is a major problem in coping with it.

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