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Zandweerd, Deventer

Appartment block, Deventer, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Myrto Efthymiadi, Allis Mihide, Constance Giovannetti, Client: Zwanenburg Projecten, Start of design: 2022, Area: 3.500 m², Volume: 10.000 m³,

The design process starts with an analysis of the urban development situation. An architect can make a great design, but if it doesn't fit within the area, the design will never give the added value that the area deserves. Urban planning analysis The Zandweerd location is a beautiful place with a view of the IJssel. The surrounding district was built in the 1960s and constructed from light brick, lots of glass, and white window frames and fascia boards. The plot borders the water on the southwest side with the Rembrandtkade in front of it. The Rembrandtkade is an important continuous access road for the area. Next to the apartment complex to be built are six luxury villas in modern architecture. Together with a housing block on Rubensstraat, they are the only existing reference buildings to which a connection must be made. A diversity of new innovative homes will be built on the east side of the plot. The materialization of these homes will be diverse as many individual clients will be involved. The apartment block will be the most dominant block in terms of volume and will largely determine the image of the district. We assume one boot-shaped block, part of seven layers, and the rest of four layers high. Dividing the block into two separate building volumes, one high and one low will only increase the total volume and will not contribute to different grain sizes. The volumes are too large for that. The dominance of the block places a great responsibility on the execution and ambition that the developer has. The size of the block area is an all-around design because the volume will always rise above the environment. That does not mean that all sides of the block have to be identical. The West side has a view of the water and will be in full sun in the evening. It seems logical to make the outdoor spaces there. We believe that the block should have the same architecture everywhere, but that the effect may differ slightly depending on the function behind it. Considering the architecture of the area. along this part of the IJssel, it cannot be otherwise that the block is placed in a warm modern architecture. The new block will have to match the light yellow color of the existing buildings, but the material (brick) or architecture does not have to be the same. One of the most important means of creating urban unity is a common color. The color of an object is more important than the use of materials or even the shape. As long as the colors match, an ensemble is created automatically.

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