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Weespertrekvaart Bridge, Amsterdam

Recycle Bridge, Almere NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk ,   Design: 2020

The new bridge over the Weespertrekvaart will connect the Weespertrekvaartbuurt with the Watergraafsmeer on a small scale and at the same time, on a larger scale, Amsterdam Zuidoost and Duivendrecht with the center of Amsterdam. The areas on either side of the canal have a different character. The Weespertrekvaartbuurt will be an urban neighborhood with detached city villas overlooking the water. The Watergraagsmeer, an old garden city, is located five meters below a dike and has a more scenic appearance. Because of the greenery and the lowered location, the buildings of the Watergraafsmeer are hidden from the view of the Weespertrekvaart, and only the green dike is visible. Since the only buildings come from the west side, it is evident that the bridge will become part of the urban setting on the west side. With the requested asymmetrical western accent, the bridge is a kind of casting rod that connects the city with the green bank on the other side. The design of the bridge is functional, the technology needed to make the bridge move has been made transparent. The construction and the cylinders are part of the architectural lines.

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