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Bever Bridge,

Floriade Almere

Bever Bridge, Floriade, Almere NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Victor Martiniuc, Sander Paljak, Jan Marx  Design: 2019-2021

Almere is a polder and to keep the polder dry, the rainwater must be pumped five meters up to the Merkermeer lake every day. To save energy, we opt for a water-collecting design, since all the collected water does not need to be pumped back. The rainwater that comes on the bridge deck, is drained by the planters. To retain the water, we use a substrate of used diapers in the bins (recycle). The gel pellets can absorb and retain 30 times their own weight. The deck of our ''beaver bridge'' can be used flexibly during the Floriade. It consists of a large deck of 13 meters by 80 meters made from cementless concrete.  One option is to make a picking garden between the two road sections, that fits well with the feeding theme. The deck can also function as a market with stalls, where local products are brought to the spotlight. After the Floriade, the bee ribbon can be extended between the two bridge sections. The flowers provide food for the bees and butterflies. The bees provide the pollination of the blossom that is needed for fruit on trees, shrubs. Instead of two separate bridges, we opt for a green stripe in the middle. This can be planted with small fruit crops such as berry and raspberry bushes. After the Floriade, the bee ribbon can be extended, occupying space from the boulevard between the car and bicycle lanes. The planters on the car side of the bridge are filled with grass. The planters on the bicycle lane side are filled with beneficial plants and herbs. The greenery has a positive effect on both CO2 and particulate matter absorption, as well as the cooling of the temperature. Planters on the bicycle lane side are filled with herbs and plants from Dr. A. Vogel's assortment, that make a positive contribution to human health. Information about the plants is provided by signs. In this way, we emphasize the importance of health and well-being. In addition, three benches will be realized in the green area. People can take a seat on the bridge, relax, and enjoy the greenery, as well as the view of the surroundings.

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