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Bosrijk, Eindhoven

 Cluster Houses, Eindhoven NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Marta Adamik, Karolina Ornowska, cliënt : Le Clercq Planontwikkeling, Design: 2021

If we look at the surroundings, we see a wooded area with four houses in traditional architecture on the south side. The cluster passport requires an urban ensemble of existing and new homes to be built. One of the most important means of creating urban unity is a common color. The color of an object is more important than the use of materials or even the shape. One of the most special aspects of Bosrijk is the public space, a large forest through which you can traverse the area unimpeded. No private gardens where everyone has their own domain, but an area in which a large part of the outdoor space is public. If almost everything is public, the design of the remaining private outdoor space is very important. In the projects already realized in Bosrijk, we see different variants from an open terrace on the ground floor where you are literally for sale to a closed terrace on the first floor. In the design of our project, the terraces were taken as the starting point in the concept. It has been decided that each floor adjoins an outdoor area where you can access a terrace. The terraces are positioned in such a way that natural privacy is guaranteed. This desired privacy is further enhanced by designing a large planter for each terrace where residents can grow their own vegetables and herbs if they wish, but it can also serve as a privacy screen. Each house has three to four terraces so that the environment can be viewed from different angles. Each terrace has a large planter. The architecture of the houses is enhanced by the facade cladding of Accoya wood slats, which ensures unity in the design (aus einen güss).

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