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Rondje Weerwater Bridge,
Floriade Almere

Rondje weerwaterbrug, Floriade, Almere NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Jan Marx,Victor Martiniuc, Sander Paljak Design: 2019-2021

In this design, we are introducing the concept of ''rubble'', where the project is mainly composed of concrete rubble, bound with cementless concrete, and recycled reinforcement. By using the leftover components from the demolition of concrete structures, we limit the number of raw materials and CO2 required for the bridge. The reusable reinforcing bars are used in an innovative way to make the railing. In the same way, the wood for the railing comes from scrap wood from Almere. All materials used for the bridge are recyclable and come from the municipal waste streams of Almere.

Due to the fact that the recycled products come from the city, we shorten the transport distances, only 17 km from Cirwinn to the bridge, and ready to be built. Residual flows from the city are again applied to the same exact city, without the risk of downcycling and thus maintaining the quality of the reused products, ensuring a contribution to the prolongment of the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). The contractor and architect are also local entrepreneurs, who are located close to the construction site. By omitting the abutments and choosing a slope, the bridge lies naturally in the landscape and the view is not obstructed. The slope beneath the structure is used as storage for rainwater from the bridge. This moist, shady area, is suitable for growing both moss and edible mushrooms. This is achieved by adding special soil (Kanuma) and compost. The bridge is part of the Weerwater tour. People from Almere can boost their health by crossing the fitness track on foot, by bike, or as a runner. We take this concept one step further, by using a track system to create a starting point at the bridge. When you start at Bridge 4a, you can use your phone to check-in and check out. In this way, you can always check you lap times, improve your performance, and work on your fitness.

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