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Parma Calcio Football Training Center, Offices, Italy, Project Team: René van Zuuk, TAMassiociati, Client: Krause Group, Start of design: 2021, 15.000 m², Volume: 45.000 m³, Building costs: €35.000.000

The sports center will bring people together, players, fans, and the local population. It will be a sports campus in a natural environment. The campus will be the residence for many young players for a long time, so it is essential that the youth feels secure and even if they do not achieve the ultimate goal, they should be able to look back on a beautiful childhood. On the other hand, the campus must be an efficient working environment for players, employees, and management. In order to serve both facets of the campus, we have placed the two functions in two different areas. We have placed the school and the youth hotel on the north side of the area. We envision the hotel more as a small residential area with several houses, this is to create a homely environment. All sports activities and the hotel for the first team will be located on the west side next to the main field. The aim is to create a building that is as efficient as possible but what at the same time represents the essence of the football club in terms of appearance.

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