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TENSION, Terneuzen

Tension, watchtower, Terneuzen, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Simeon Swager, Marta Adamik, Karolina Ornowska, Client: Municipality of Terneuzen, Start of design: 2021, Competition,  Building costs: €800.000

TENSION: the icon of Terneuzen If a design is to qualify for the icon qualification, the design must be unique. This means that the design is incomparable with other designs in the Netherlands or in the world. Terneuzen deserves an ICON, a design that makes the city unique. Design The SPANKRACHT watchtower consists of three independent staircases connected at the top by a triangular platform of three bridges. Two of the three stairs are on the existing path. The third staircase leads to a platform in the water from where a concrete staircase leads back up to the existing path. Because the stairs are inclined and do not touch each other, the construction does not seem in balance, the stairs fall over, but a combination of three tension cables ensures that the stairs cannot fall any further. The construction is kept in tension by the tension cables and that produces tension (TENSION FORCE). The stairs and bridges are made of untreated Corten steel so that maintenance is kept to a minimum. The footbridges give the possibility to walk through the construction in several ways and give a beautiful spacious view of the surroundings. Terneuzen is located in a special location on the water. The water gives the city beautiful views, has given the city prosperity, and dominates the cultural history of the city. The entries from the first round give an anthology of the qualities of the city, its history, and its water. We have not chosen to take the examples from the first round literally, but we will include the stories in a cartoon that is drawn on the inside of the walkways. We can distinguish three directions, the city, the water, and the lock.

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