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From a wooden Pavilion to three houses,

Floriade Almere

Wooden Pavilion Floriade, Almere NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Sander Paljak, Jan Marx, Victor Martiniuc  Design: 2019

In 2022 the world horticultural exhibition Floriade will take place in Almere. The Floriade bv asked five leading architects to design a Green Embassy. A Green Embassy is an exhibition pavilion. After the event, the pavilions will be transformed into houses. For the Floriade bv we designed two versions. Both versions could afterward be transformed into three houses. Version one is a 3D printed concrete pavilion consisting of a stack of large plant buckets. Version two is a wooden pavilion entirely biobased with a CLT construction. The first version was developed together with the BAM into a definite design. Because of the corona problems, the financing of the five projects was put in doubt and unfortunately, Floriade bv had to stop the project, although our project was within the given budget.

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