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Bridgekeeper House, Middelburg

Lock Keeper's House, Control building, Middelburg NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Client: Municipality of Middelburg, Design: 2001

The design for a new bridge keeper's house in Middelburg was an entry for a closed competition. Since the current house would be demolished due to reconstruction, the municipality of Middelburg decided to launch a competition for a new proposal.

Due to the fact that the control building would operate only six days a year, we decided to give it a second function, in the form of a light sculpture.

In the given building requirements, a transparent appearance for the keeper's house is mandatory. The building plot is situated right next to the existing swing bridge. The bridge has a beam-shaped appearance and goes up to 6 meters in height. The building plot has the disadvantage of being too close to the bridge, so, instead of making a wide volume, we gave the keeper's house the shape of a tower, providing it with a distinct identity. The building and the bridge are now two separate elements. The amenities include a watchtower and a restroom. The whole structure resembles a lighthouse.

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