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Bosrijk, Eindhoven

Free Standing Houses, Row Houses, Eindhoven NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Kersten Scheller, Jorrit Spel, Chimo Vila Belja, Client: AM Wonen, Design: 2005-2007

The challenge lying within the Bosrijk project was to develop two types of living spaces: attached houses and detached houses. The central concept of the task was the idea of 'living in the forest'. The inspiration, therefore, was to have a shared space between the houses that would act as a communal garden, much like exploring a forest, where the property boundaries are not visible.

Since in a forest there are no identical landscapes and views, it was important to maintain this element and keep each house unique. The floor plan of the buildings has the shape of a pentagon, under which the parking is located. Several houses are attached, creating new forms in the field, using a mixed material palette of wood, glass and aluminium.

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