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Ajax Tribune, Amsterdam

Sport tribune for the youth training school, Amsterdam NL, Project Team: René van Zuuk, Client: A.F.C. Ajax Amsterdam, Start of design: 1995, Completion: 1995-1996

'De Toekomst'' (meaning ''The Future'') is the training school of the Ajax soccer club. Along with the sport and administrative complex, which is presented separately, two canopies with seating for the spectators were also required. The main feature of the canopies is that the structural elements, such as the metal joints, are clearly visible. The canopy is supported by a suspension structure and boasts arcs facing both upwards and downwards. The design of the two arches is different. The lower arch consists of a steel tube, which also serves as the perimeter of the canopy. The upper arch is made of solid steel bars.

The outward-pointing pylons support the upper arch and also serve as light towers in the evening. The structural design of the roof enables the spectator to enjoy an unobstructed view of the field. The prominent construction creates an expressive form, which serves as a landmark for the youth complex in the area, and provides it with its own distinct identity. Like the roofs of the segments in the main complex, the curvature has a conoid shape. Moreover, the curved form is a direct reference to the Amsterdam Arena in the background, but with a sleeker look.

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